Longing for Home


This place isn’t our home, and we are longing for home right now. It’s not that we don’t like it here.  It’s just that we aren’t home, and we are reminded of it every moment of every day. We are surrounded by a constant stream of stimuli that reminds us that this country is not our home. Our family does not fit in culturally, physically, or experientially.  It’s not that we want to leave, it’s just that we want to be home.
Where is our home? Is it in Nebraska? Maryland? Pennsylvania? Where? Those places certainly feel a lot more like home than where we live now. We look, think, and act like everyone else there, so it feels a lot more like home, but is it really home? The difficult truth for us is that neither place is truly our home.
Heaven is our home. Followers of Jesus are called to be “aliens and strangers” and “sojourners” (1 Pet 2:11) as we pass through this place on our way home. 
No matter where we live…
We should feel out of place.
We should long for somewhere else.
We should be uncomfortable.
We should hurt for something different.
The problem for those of us who live far from familiar things is that often we allow these feelings to create within us a deeper longing for a physical location of residence when they are intended to create a deeper longing for the presence of Jesus in our lives.  We connect our longing for home with thoughts of summer cookouts, familiar holiday celebrations and family, instead of letting them take us to the life-giving presence of Jesus. 

Heaven is our home and we ALL desperately need to be reminded of that every moment of every day as we pass through this place on our way home.