What will we do in Uganda?

Grace is a prisoner of generational poverty.

She was born to a poor family who live in a poor village in a poor country.

Though only 9 years old, her dream of becoming a teacher seems unlikely now that her dad has fallen ill.

Grace sells water.

She works to survive all-day, every-day; there is no time for church, school, or friends.

Though not behind bars, Grace is a prisoner of circumstance with little hope of climbing out of poverty.

Our Role

The Baptist Union of Uganda church leadership has invited Suz and I to work with the 750 local BUU churches of Southwest Uganda. We will be developing leaders and programs that will minister to kids like Grace.

Suz and I will equip the local church to identify and combat the types of poverty that entrap families in Uganda.

Suz and I will work through the local church to empower families like Grace's to break their cycles of generational poverty.

Re-image Grace’s Future with…

… Leaders at Grace’s church who are trained in business development

… A microfinance loan program starting small businesses through Grace’s church

… Community wide value for scholastic education

…Health and nutrition awareness

… A children’s Sunday school that not only teaches children to read but also teaches them to read the Bible.

When people ask what we will be doing in Uganda, we could tell them that we will be training leaders, developing programs, and alleviating poverty in the 750 churches of Southwest Uganda. That is all true. However, we prefer to focus on the kids whose futures will be impacted by our work; kids like Grace.

God has called us to Uganda to show the love of Jesus to kids like Grace.

The story of Grace is a composite of many young people's stories in Uganda. Though Grace is not real, her story is very real.